Friday, October 05, 2007

"Margin 35" on Canon Pro 9000/9500

There are lots of questions about the phenomenon known as "Margin 35" on Canon Pro 9000 and Pro 9500 printers. Basically, when you choose any of the fine art media settings on these printers, the margins are locked at specific minimums. The important part is that the leading and trailing edge margins are set in stone at 35mm (1.37"). The logical reason for this setting is that Canon is worried about head strikes on thick media which can curl upward a bit under ink load.

The discussions online have focused on workarounds to fix the problem. The only real useful solution we can find is to use the Matte Paper media setting with fine art papers as it does not have margin restrictions.

Red River Paper uses this setting for profile production with Aurora Fine Art. If you are using another fine art paper, it may make sense to have a custom profile made using the Matte Paper setting.

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At 6:44 PM, Blogger Kelly Beard said...

I have to say, Canon, that I really, really HATE this feature/problem with these papers. I expect to print 12x18 on this size of paper. I'll try some Red River paper when I can find some. Thanks for the info guys. Where did you get this information because I've been looking into why this is.


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