Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Installing ICC color profiles on Windows Vista

Putting ICC profiles in their proper location with Vista is no different than with XP. From customer reports though, there may be a bug that causes profiles not to show up in the right place when using Photoshop or other printing program.

You can install color profiles in Vista one of two ways:

1) With the profile sitting on your desktop (or other uncompressed folder), right click on the file and choose INSTALL PROFILE from the menu.

2) Copy and paste the uncompressed profile to this directory:
Windows > System 32 > Spool > Drivers > Color

Once Photoshop or other software is restarted, the new profile(s) will appear in the proper dialogs. If not, then you can consider contacting Microsoft for their thoughts.

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At 4:34 PM, Blogger Mig said...

Thanks for telling me where the ICC profile files are stored in Windows Vista.


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